About Us

Film Optics Ltd is a UK based, private company with expertise in microstructured optical films. The focus of our activity is the design and development of innovative optical structures to meet specific customer needs. We work with all types of companies from global multi-nationals to new start ups.

Although much of our work is client based development, we also manufacture a range of films for general sale.



Our core technology is UV casting or embossing of micro and nano structures onto film using a continuous reel to reel production process that delivers highly precise structures in high volume at low cost. These structures can be made onto a variety of substrates according to the end application.


Manufacturing Facilities

We have two production units located in the UK. The No1 Production Unit is a large web width (1100mm) machine for higher volume production. The No2 Production Unit has a smaller web width (450mm). The No2 machine is a state of the art, highly flexible unit used as a test bed for new structure development.


Optical Design

We use industry standard software packages and have also developed a wide range of our own proprietary to design and model lens structures and optical systems including;

  • Optics for displays.
  • Fabrication, lithography and replication of micro-optics and nanophotonics.
  • Optics for Concentrated Photovoltaic or Concentrated Solar (Thermal) applications.
  • LED system optics.
  • Linear prism structures.
  • Lenticulars for 3D printing and auto-stereoscopic displays.
  • Micro lens arrays.


Materials and Optical Testing Capabilities

We are able to test a wide range of physical and optical properties. Testing is performed before and after controlled environmental exposure and includes:

  • Establishing the robustness of the materials to prolonged exposure to UV radiation
  • Establishing robustness to extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Testing transmittance, haze, clarity and polarisation maintenance
  • Testing colour distribution characteristics


Optical Characterisation Capabilities

  • Haze-Gard plus - Haze, transmittance and clarity measurements
  • Minolta Spectrophotometer - colour measurement e.g. C.I.E. L*a*b* - values
  • Eldim EZContrast 160R - Optical characteristics at different angles: Gain, AoV, contrast ratio


Equipment Leasing

Our No2 production unit is a small, highly flexible unit ideally suited for cost effective, small production runs and new film development projects. This facility can be made available to clients on a lease basis to conduct their own production runs or for film development projects. As well as access to production facilities we also offer a comprehensive technical support service including:

  • Experienced machine operators.
  • Manufacturing engineering & technical support.
  • Production tooling development and manufacturing services.
  • Access to our optical testing and analysis equipment.